Richmond and Danville Rail Trail / Ringgold Rail Trail

The Richmond and Danville Rail Trail follows the old railroad of the same name, an important transportation corridor for the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Today, 5.5 miles of this historical corridor, which eventually became part of the Norfolk Southern Railway system, is the scenic Richmond and Danville Rail Trail. Also called the Ringgold Trail, the trail opened in January 2001. It travels past farmlands and through light woods, providing a flat route for a walk or bike ride in the rural Virginia countryside on the outskirts of Danville.

There are three trailheads that provide access. From Danville, take US 58 east for 2.5 miles then head north on State Route 734/Ringgold Road for 3 miles. To access the Kerns Church Road Trailhead, continue east on US 58 for 3.75 miles then head north on State Route 656/Hackberry Road for 3.25 miles. The Shawnee Road Trailhead is 1.5 miles from the Ringgold Road Trailhead and 4 miles from the Kerns Church Road Trailhead.

On this trail you will find a wetland area with prime waterfowl watching and a ride that is comfortable for bicyclists and easy for hikers of all ages. The Ringgold Road Trailhead also has a restored railroad depot and an old red caboose.

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Richmond and Danville Rail Trail / Ringgold Rail Trail


155 Ringgold Depot Rd
Ringgold,VA 24586


Pitts. Co. Parks and Rec: 434-432-7736